Cofred Partners With Adeeva Group of Companies!

Cofred Online International Limited, aka Cofred, has entered into PARTNERSHIP with Adeeva Group of Companies, aka Adeeva, to expand the reach of its electronic payment platform.

What is Cofred? Cofred is a payment solution system that allows its users to send and receive payments through the Internet! Cofred also features bills payments and instant online money exchange services.

While Adeeva, on the hand, provides innovative and affordable financial products and services using the latest technology; a skilled and highly motivated workforce along with first class service while providing unparalleled returns to her shareholders.

Over the years, since the creation of the Cofred platform in 2013, Cofred has focused on developing and securing its platform to ensure users protections and security while maintaining flexibility in the system. Cofred takes user's account security very serious, because these days we do everything online. Our computers, laptops and smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, so ensuring we have the best internet security is a way of knowing that our identities, documents and passwords are not compromised.

Adeeva's key role would be to provide fundings for Cofred's operations thereby ensuring a smooth running operations while focusing on the end users satisfactions.


Cofred is a service-based platform. The core services we offer are:

1) Sending/Receiving of money

2) Money Transfer Services

3) Virtual Card/Bank

4) Bills Payment

5) Mobile Banking Agents

6) Cryptocurrency/Currency Exchange

7) Online Merchant Payment Services

8) Offline Agents Payment Services. 

Cofred can be accessed through the internet, via its web and mobile applications. Currently, the Cofred platform holds over 10,000.00 users from 112 countries around the world; with most users from Ghana and Nigeria.

With this new phase and Partnership, the Cofred system promises to be more efficient and reliable than it has ever been and Cofred would be able to live up to what it stands for, which is to provide excellent service for its users while maintaining the fast growing trend in the world of information technology.

The Partnership is expected to kick off from 1st of December, 2019; with a rebirth of the Cofred platform! This means that once the partnership kicks off, all current logs will be cleared to give room to the new financial phase and management - to have a fresh record. Users who wish to have a copy of their current account statements, can do so now or simply make a request through the Cofred Support Center and their account statements will be mailed to their email addresses.

We want to also use this medium to  thank our esteemed users/customers. We would not have made this much progress if not for your continuous patronage and support. To further show our appreciations, we promise lots of periodical bonuses from time to time, as we progress into our glorious business days ahead.

Thank you.

Posted on November 17, 2019 23:49

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