Cofred Virtual Credit/Debit Card!

Gain the power to shop online without restrictions.

The card is accepted anywhere online, provided does not require the physical present of the card. Go beyond borders with no restrictions and enjoy unlimited access to numerous website both local and international.

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Pricing and limits

Cofred cards are designed for openness and transparency. So roll up your sleeves, here are the details:

U. S. Dollar (USD)
Price for Virtual Card 1.00 (USD)
Loading Fees 1%
Unloading Fees 1%
Monthly Maintenance Free


Why do I need a Cofred card?

Cofred Card is accepted at thousands of website worldwide. Transactions are completely safe and secure with almost zero percent risk.

How much does the card cost?

The card cost just 1.00 USD and its issued instantly! The card can be used for one time purpose or continuous use.

How much fees to pay?

The card only cost 1% loading fees and it can be loaded or funded 24/7 via your Cofred account any time any day.

How do I load my card?

The card can be easily be loaded via your Cofred account and you can load your Cofred account your bank account.

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