Cofred Automated Payment Interface (API)

The Cofred engineers has made an easy to use APIs codes which allows any business structure to organize any on-line process of sale of products, services or access to content with maximum state-of-the-art 24 hours security system.

Accept Payments!

Accept Payment via your application using payment code (Onsite & Checkout).

Transfer Money!

Transfer Money to other Cofred Members via your application.

Get Started Quickly!

Cofred is integrated with most major shopping carts like OpenCart.

Easy to use plugins for your Shopping Carts!

Cofred together with its partners has developed a large variety of modules for the most popular Internet shopping carts. Our model and wallet management system makes integration quick, secure, and easy. Check out our Github Portal for our robust APIs documentations.

Open a Cofred account today to start offering Cofred at checkout.