Transfer money with our
mobile app.

Your Cofred app has an improved design that makes
everything faster and easier.

Account Secure Access!

Gain full and secure access to your account and ensure no one else can have access to your account without a specific PIN Code.

Multiple Account Features!

The Cofred app is loaded with lots of features! With one account you can do so much more ranging from global money transfer to bills payments 24/7.

Manage your Finance on the Go!

Keeping track of how much you spent helps you to know and manage your finances. With Cofred App, you can monitor all your transactions on the go.

Automated Currency Exchange!

With the Cofred mobile application, you now have the opportunity to convert your local currency into other currency within the system on the go 24/7.

Multiple Currency Accounts!

With access to seven different currency accounts, the world is your plam! And with our multiple add or deposit money options, banking become too easy.

Manage your transactions easily!

Manage and keep track of your transactions and you can search for transactions witin a particular range or period! All on the go.

Simplify how you transfer and manage your money.