Account Security

The Importance of Internet Security!

These days we do everything online, our computers, laptops and smartphones have become an extension of ourselves so ensuring we have the best internet security is a way of knowing that our identities, documents and passwords are not compromised.

With the internet came a selection of fraudulent activities from identity thieves to people who hack computers and steal private passwords, documents and files. The fact we do everything online only opens us up to these frauds and makes us sitting victims, unless you have taken the necessary steps to protect your computer to the best of your ability.

We at Cofred takes your account security seriously so should you! We have 5 types of account security features enabled on your account:

  1. Your Email (We will alert whenever detect an access to your account and we send you login details information.)

  2. Your Phone (Each time you request for a reset or change of account password, security answer or account PIN, the system will send a verification code through a short message system [SMS] to your phone)

  3. Google double authentication feature (This help to increase the security of your account! When enabled, the system will demand you to enter a code from your Google authenticator app each time you try to access your account online)

  4. Test question and answer: (If you haven't enabled Google double authentication feature in your account, the system will still require you to answer your security question each time you access your account. This applies to all agents and merchants).

  5. Personal Identification Number (PIN): (If you haven't enabled Google double authentication feature in your account, the system will still require you to enter your PIN each time you access your account. This applies to all users).

How We Secure Your Data!

Cofred is PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified! What does this even mean? PCI-DSS stands for The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and it basically refers to a set of standards that ALL companies that process, store or transmit cardholder data have to adhere to.

It’s a global set of standards and there are 4 possible levels of PCI-DSS certifications that a company can acquire, Level 1 being the highest.

This means that we have acquired the highest standard of safety when it comes to processing your card or account information.

There’s more information on PCI Compliance and PCI-DSS certification here.

Security Tips

  • Note that Cofred and its representatives will never ask you to reveal your password by phone or by email or ask you to invest in some foreign investment programmes.

  • We will always mention your first and last name in all the emails that we send to you!

  • Please also ensure that you only enter your user ID and password on our website and mobile application only!

  • Enable double account login authentication in your account to enhance its security and safety.

How Can You Reach Us.

It’s important to us that you are able to reach someone at Cofred on any issue you are having, no matter where you are in the world 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s why we launched our contact centre, which is a 24-hour contact line that you can reach us on.

Other ways you can reach us: email, our website live chat feature at or any of our websites and social media (@cofredpayments on Instagram and Twitter, Cofred on LinkedIn and Facebook).

There is always a customer representative on standby to attend you and we will do our best to help you with any issues you are having.