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How do i send money to the United States of America

We have made it possible to send money to U.S fast and easy through different means which are;
Bitcoin transfer,
bank transfer,
paypal tranfer and
Perfectmoney transfer

to send your money just follow the steps below:

For the web.
1. Login to your cofred account.
2. Click on "Money"
3. Select "send Money"
4. input the amount you intend to send and choose any of the options listed as your pay out method and click next.

Follow the next requirements and you are good to go. Yes! it is as easy as that.

For the App.
1. Login to your cofred account and go to the menu option
2. Tap on "Money"
3. Select "send Money"
4. Select your U.S. Dollar account
5. input the amount you wish to send and tap "proceed"
6. Select any of the pay out method you want and follow the next requirements and submit.

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