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How to deposit money into my Cofred account.

How To Deposit Money Into My Cofred Account.


To deposit money into your Cofred Account,

(1) Login on your CofredPay Account,   

(2) Click on "Deposit" in your CofredPay account, 

(3) Select  the account you wish to deposit the money into and the type of currency (money) you are depositing, that is, GHS / NGN / USD, or any other currency that is specified,

(4) Select the deposit option that suits the selected account and currency, whether (mobile money, manual bank or bank card, visa card or mastercard), and enter a memo for the deposit.

(5) .Select the source of payment for the selected deposit method,


If it is  manual bank deposit, then select any of the available banks and provide the depositor's name. If you have not added any source yet, then click on the "Add Button"(+) to provide a new payment source,  the system will display our bank account details awaiting payment, the name and  amount must correspond with the request made.


 If it is mobile money, a verification code will be sent to your number or an OTP code rendered in your bank statement after a random debit to verify your bank card or proceed to "Account Settings" to verify your bank card.

Click on Submit and an alert will be sent to your mobile money to allow transaction by entering your mobile money PIN,


In any of the cases, your account will be credited instantly as soon as we receive payment from you.

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