please i wold like to suggest to you that working 24/7 would be a very good idea because you are an online transaction company and any time in the week your office will needed hope my suggestion will be considered. thank you
Finally the unexpected moment has arrived.This time I have long hoped in my country Togo where I am: l arrive cofred in my life, my license to continue well but activity on the net without problem of cashing the cryptomonnaie.Je So much moved that I can not wait until the end to say great mersi to the developer of cofred as well as his entourage.Meme if the distance is tros, jy always go to the ghana with pleasure to ceratin activity and jy benefits as well from their application which simplifies us I shall not know what to do to-morrow without the services of a cofred, especially with the payment and purchase of the criptomonnaie, bitcoin, paypal, ... all this for the victims in their exploits. Thank you again for the visa and virtual mastercards less expensive newly placed at our disposal, this facilitates even more my transation online. But please make available plastic cards as soon as you please. I am in the computer field and I understand that it was not at all easy but once again congratulation and especially good courage, with you we already hope that Africa is evolving and soon it is the whole world. I also thank the customer service that is always available to me, especially Mrs linda who is always at my service even at home and also mersi to support line 1. You dazzled me so much that I decided to share your service by becoming your agent. To everybody enjoy good and constantly unlimited services of cofred. tofik
electronic transactions to me must be 24/7 service provider, I therefore suggest that money transfer on weekends or nights must be made possible. eg mobile money transactions are 24/7
I really like the app is a very good work on your part. Great innovation in linking Ghana globally to the outside world with technology. I like the great effort put into this project. This proves that the future is now. Thanks Cofred for your good work.
This is one of the best payment systems in Ghana right now. I have tested and used the others and i have known what is better. I even use it as my bank account since you can use to protect your money, have easy access and earn by investing.
I love using COFRED, i just recommended cofred to my mates in school and friends. Thanks for the good services. Please i need my card number for my Virtual Credit Card.
please I want you people to add startimes Ghana and Nigeria pay option and gotv Nigeria too... thanks
Please i think you should make the app available on the apple store. Thanks
COFRED! Simply Amazing no long talk. Thank you to Linda for always sorting me out. Great job
All the best Cofred, since I started transacting with you all my engagements has been successful and i encourage every one of us to utilise this kind of opportunity to succeed especiall the investment packages. With this i cant stop reffering my colleuges for joining cofred.all the best cofred once again.!

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