Cofred Virtual Credit/Debit Card!

Gain the power to shop online without restrictions.

The card is accepted anywhere online, provided does not require the physical present of the card. Go beyond borders with no restrictions and enjoy unlimited access to numerous website both local and international.

Cofred Card Featrures

How much does the card cost?

The card cost just 1.00 USD and its issued instantly! The card can be used for one time purpose or continuous use.

How much fees to pay?

The card only cost 1% loading fees and it can be loaded or funded 24/7 via your Cofred account any time any day.

How do I load my card?

The card can be easily be loaded via your Cofred account and you can load your Cofred account your bank account.

How long does it take to load card!

All card funding orders are processed instantly and automatedly.

How many cards can I order?

Every user can order at least 6 Cofred cards per account

How long to load card?

Instantly! As long as you have money in your Cofred account, you are good to go!

Can I withdraw to card?

You can withdraw to card and cashout via your Cofred account.

Where can I use Cofred Card?

You are welcome to use Cofred Card worldwide wherever Visa card is accepted!

What currency is the card issued in?

Cofred cards come in United State Dollar (USD) and is available to all members.

Can I use the card verify PayPal?

The card is issued in the United State of America and as such it can be use to verify a US PayPal account.

Can I withdraw From PayPal?

Depending your PayPal account type or country, the card can receive funds directly from PayPal.

How does it work?

Link the card to your PayPal account and visit our website to check your card statement for the 4 digit code.

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Cofred card! The card that knows no limits or boundaries! Pay anyone or merchant online worldwide without limitations or restrictions securely and fast! Just pay your way through any website like a boss.

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Easy to use!

Cofred Card is accepted at thousands of website worldwide. Transactions are completely safe and secure with almost zero percent risk.

The card will streamline your payment process online, reduce costs, improve cash management and mitigate exposure to payment fraud.

The American Dollar card can assume any address in the United State of america (USA) making it so easy to use any time any day.

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